Invitation to HALCHEM IX

Dear Colleagues

We take great pleasure in inviting you to participate in the 9th International Meeting on Halogen Chemistry (HALCHEM IX), which will be held at UNIVERSITY of PERUGIA, Italy from 22th to 25th September, 2019.  HALCHEM IX follows the old tradition of the symposia  that involved and connected experts in halogen chemistry since 2002 when the first edition was organized in Sardinia by Professor Francesco Devillanova.  The first four meetings have been organized in the south of Europe [in 2004 (HALCHEM II, Sardinia, Italy), 2006 (HALCHEM III, Ioannina, Greece), 2008 (HALCEHM IV, Barcelona, Spain), 2010 (HALCEM V, Cagliari, Italy).  The HALCEHM VI moved to India and was held in Bangalore in 2012.  Then the HALCHEM VII returned to Europe (Czestochowa, Poland in 2015) to move again in Asia with HALCHEM VIII that was held at Inuyama, Japan in 2017.  Even if in the first editions, HALCHEM meetings have been organized for a smaller circle of participants (~30–40 researchers coming from several countries), the last meetings in India and Japan attracted the participation of more than 150 scientists covering a different areas of interests connected with halogen chemistry.  A unique friendly atmosphere that characterized all the previous editions facilitated interactions between the participants creating the bases for several collaborations.

HALCHEM IX aim to follow the traditions giving to all the participants  an adequate time for the presentation (invited lecture (30 min), designated lecture (20 min), and poster presentations. Contributions from scientific community working in the area of halogen chemistry (such as synthetic and theoretical aspects, spectroscopy, supramolecular chemistry, halogen bonding, hypervalent halogen compounds, medicinal chemistry, atmospheric chemistry, etc.) are welcome.


Prof. Claudio Santi FRSC

Chairperson of HALCHEM IX


The previous HALCHEM Meetings

HALCHEM I: at Sardinia, Italy (2002): Chairperson Prof. Francesco Devillanova
HALCHEM II: at Sardinia, Italy (2004): Chairperson Prof. Francesco Devillanova
HALCHEM III: at Ioannina, Greece (2006): Chairperson Prof. Nick Hadjiliadis
HALCHEM IV: at Barcelona, Spain (2008): Chairperson Prof. Francesc Teixidor i Bombardó
HALCHEM V: at Cagliari, Italy (2010): Chairperson Prof. Francesco Devillanova
HALCHEM VI: at Bangalore, India (2012): Chairperson Prof. Govindasamy Mugesh
HALCHEM VII: at Czestochowa, Poland (2015): Chairperson Prof. Jozef Drabowicz

HALCHEM VIII at Inuyama, Japan (2017): Chairperson Prof, Kazuaki Ishihara